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04/12/2019  UPDATE

The forums are currently being updated, thanks for your patience while we get this done. The new forums are working now and we just need to do some software setup and final testing.  I hope to have everything finished and ready to go online next week (April 15-19).  Thanks again for your patience.



Welcome to the NeXT world!  We're a group of NeXT fanatics who have gotten together to host a NeXT related Web site.  If you're a former NeXT employee we'd like to hear from you.  We're looking for information and pictures of NeXT projects such as the NeXT 40MHz Nitro accelerator, the NeXT RISC workstation, etc.  Also, the international NeXT forums are open, so feel free to click the link below and join us. We're always searching for NeXT related information so please contact us at admin <AT> nextcomputers <DOT> org.

Twenty years ago
December 20th, 1996 - December 20th, 2016
Apple - NeXT Merger


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