These are the hottest-selling NeXT products as of press time, according to NeXTConnection, a direct-marketing distribution source for NeXT products. Note that NeXTConnection handles most, but not all, NeXT products. Important exceptions include HSD's modems, scanners, and software and Stone's DataPhile and Create.


1 Canon Double-Sided Optical Disks (Canon USA)

2 PLI SuperFloppy 2.88MB Floppy Drive (Peripheral Land)

3 DoveFax Fax/Modem (Dove Computer)

4 2.88MB ED Floppy Disks (Toshiba America Electronic Components)

5 16MB Memory Upgrade Kit (NeXTConnection)


1 Illustrator 3.0 (Adobe Systems)

2 SoftPC 2.0 (Insignia Solutions)

3 FloppyWorks (Digital Instrumentation Technology)

4 WordPerfect 1.0.1 (WordPerfect Corporation)

5 Diagram 1.1 (Lighthouse Design)