Press Clips

There were strong indications that, pending another large infusion from Canon, Jobs was personally contributing to some of NeXT's $5 to $6 million monthly G&A expenses, including payroll.

Richard Rapaport, Upside,

May 1992

After six and a half years of inflated expectations, false starts and self-inflicted wounds, we believe the stars are at last lining up for NeXT. Look for $170 million sales this year roughly break-even. Watch NeXT's sales once the machines start shipping with NeXTSTEP 3.0. The new software needs to kick NeXT's volume up to 2500 to 3000 units a month as a base, not a peak. We think the product is good enough that that will happen.

Rich Karlgaard, Upside,

May 1992

While at Texas Instruments, [new NeXT President Peter] van Cuylenburg managed a product transition similar to the one NeXT is attempting. "He groks our strategy in his bones," Jobs said.

Lee Gomes, San Jose Mercury News,

March 19, 1992

Having now had the opportunity to use the Turbo NeXT-station Color Computer, a 68040-based Mach workstation, has not only changed my mind, but is causing me to question whether I even want to continue having a SPARC system on my desk at all. In a word, Wow!

Dave Taylor, Review in SunWorld,

March 1992

The things NeXT users enjoy today are unfulfilled promises made by Apple, IBM, and Taligent. The computer world can be certain that NeXT will seize the next two years to deliver the best operating system on the market today to as many platforms as possible. And NeXT will succeed.

Richard A. Wyatt, Letter to the Editor, MacWEEK,

May 25, 1992