Ten Most Wanted

No bagged items this month, but a hubbub of activity at NeXT bodes well for near future. "NS 4.0 feature set" became "product road map" among signs of interim releases with new technologies. Old favorites "expanded marketing message" and "aggressive IHV marketing" slipped out of top ten with focus on near-term results.

Rank Last  Issues  Item                       Comment
     issue on list
 1     1     4     Drivers, drivers, drivers  3.2 stays #1 till ship
 2     3     4     Expanded indirect channel  Sleuth is unimpressed
 3     5     3     Direct sales results       Big sites in pipeline
 4          1     Rebirth of app market      Too late for AppBrain,
                                              but it's coming
 5    10     2     Product road map           January DevCon?
 6     2     2     SoftPC shipment            At native speed
 7     6     2     Preloaded notebooks        Custom configs are tough
 8     4     2     PDOs everywhere            Key to OE results
 9          2     More NS ports              Progress on PA lends hope
10     9     9     NeXT management            Another stable month; one      
                   stability                  more and in the bag