Reviews Desk

The reviews desk gang is restless. Our little needs are not as globally important as the Ten Most Wanted, but they are irritations nonetheless. Hope to see in this space in the future: a good keyboard macro/shortcut utility, some more great games, and connectivity to Newton technology. - Dan Lavin

This month's gang M Carling (MC), Simson L. Garfinkel (SLG), Rick Reynolds (RR), Dan Ruby (DR), and myself, Dan Lavin (DL)

LoadEye 1.1

2 Cubes


Aurora Software, 16 N Allen St. Madison, WI 53705.

608/231-3679, 608/ 231-1183 fax, 800/578-4809; [email protected].

LoadEye is a commerical-grade performance monitor offering some features not currently available from similar programs in the public domain. LoadEye includes on-line help, the ability to monitor other hosts on the network, and the robust technical support that comes with commercial software offerings. On the other hand, LoadEye is limited to monitoring CPU performance while public-domain equivalents available for NEXT-STEP also show disk, memory, and network performance. For sites with policies that proscribe the use of public-domain software, however, or those who need to graphically monitor the performance of remote hosts, LoadEye provides a workable solution. MC

DragBook 1.0

4 Cubes


Digital Expressions, 2142 Lynnwood Dr., Schenectady, N.Y. 12309.

518/346-0568; [email protected].

Joining the already rich crop of workspace extenders is this nifty utility for storing all your favorite files and resources in InterfaceBuilder-like palettes. Organize palettes as you like, including your choice of EPS and TIFF images, applications and documents, rich and plain text, fonts, rulers, and sounds. Depending on the destination app, they are all just a drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste away. If screen space is limited, set the app to hide automatically after dropping. Using DragBook palettes is a snap; creating and editing them is slightly less intuitive. Engage! Desktop is still the class of this field, but workspace utilities are a matter of taste. Some users will be more at home with DragBook palettes than Engage! smart levels; the decision is yours. DR

Ikegami Monitor Model CT20D

4 & 1/2 Cubes


Ikegami, 23105 Kashiwa Ct., Torrance, CA 90505.


At NeXTWORLD, we see a lot of monitors. When we first saw an Ikegami monitor, we had high ex-pectations. Ikegami has a reputation in the film and broadcast industry for making the best cameras and monitors that money can buy. We hoped that the quality of Ikegami computer monitors would be no different, and we were not disappointed. We found both Trinitron and Invar mask Ikegami monitors to be consistently well con-structed, sync over an exceptionally broad range of frequencies, and have bright, rock-solid pictures. Newer models have digital controls. With higher prices than the competition, the buyer gets the confidence of compatibility with resolutions above 1280 by 1024 and unbeaten overall quality. MC