Ten Most Wanted

"NeXT management stability" gets retired after more than a year on the chart. While we might not always agree with the message, NeXT's executive team is finally speaking with a single voice. Also, with 3.2 out the door, "increased driver support" and "SoftPC" go in the bag. With those promises fulfilled, we'll be listening for new ones at Comdex and the East Coast Developers' Conference.

Rank Last  Months   Item                   Comment
     issue on list
 1     2     5      Expanded indirect      Object Channel is a foundation
 2          1      Intel word processors  Glaring hole
 3     3     4      Direct sales results   Big sites, sign in please
 4     4     2      Rebirth of app market  Based on extensibility
 5     9     3      More NS ports          Catch a spark, get somepower
 6     5     3      Product road map       Time to raise expectations
 7     7     3      Preloaded notebooks    We're hitting the road
 8     8     3      PDOs everywhere        Need choice of servers
 9                DBKit overhaul         Key to corporate suite
10                NEXTIME progress       Multimedia for business