Monitor Importance

Don't overlook the monitor when you decide which Intel machine to buy. Few things can adversely impact the productivity of a user more than a flickering, blurry monitor. Because it displays complex images at high resolution, NEXTSTEP relies on a crisp screen. Here are some tips.

Monitors with the smallest dot pitch are better. Look for a bright monitor with a lot of screen contrast. Blacks should be opaque and the whites should be bright. Make sure the monitor is capable of the maximum resolution and color depth you ever expect to use with your computer, including any graphics card or VRAM upgrades you may make.

Depending on your applications, the screen should have good color fidelity. Try putting up swatches of color and compare them to known color standards. The shadow mask, myriad tiny black holes that the pixels shine through, should not be visible. The screen should not reflect room light.

Many monitors can be tuned, allowing you to adjust the picture. This is important if you use the computer for both native Microsoft Windows mode and NEXTSTEP. Each seems to drive monitors differently.

Make sure the monitor tilts and swivels easily. Turn it on in a quiet room and make sure it doesn't make an annoying buzz. It shouldn't be unduly heavy. Also, remember that some monitors require surprising depth.

Finally, choose the largest monitor you can afford, but don't forget that a smaller, high-quality monitor is better than a large, bad one. We suggest at least a 16-inch color monitor for NEXTSTEP. And don't forget to only buy a monitor with a money-back guarantee.

by Dan Lavin