Box Score Developer

Alpine NX Tower (manufactured by Lexar)

4 Cubes

$5699 (without software)


DX2/66; 32MB RAM; 1GB SCSI disk; 1024-by-768, 16-bit S3 graphics; 2 VL-Bus and 6 ISA slots; 17-inch color monitor.

NeXTWORLD benchmarks

Good raw performance. Slowed slightly by middling SCSI disk.
Bright monitor. S3 graphics significantly slows an otherwise excellent machine.
System design
We like this machine. Less hassle than many towers to open and service, but slightly noisy.
NEXTSTEP orientation
Sells directly into NeXT market with preinstalled software. Knowledgeable tech support.
Very good. One year parts and labor on-site. Guaranteed to run NEXTSTEP for 60 days, but not an unconditional money-back guarantee. Peripherals are manufacturers' warranty.
Very good price. Big disk, good monitor.
Alpine Computing MicroAge, 6066 S. State St., Salt Lake City, UT 84107.

801/268-8877, 800/748-4558.