Japanese Software for NEXTSTEP

Program Description


easy (Education Assistance System) Tracks grades

Look Up! On-line documentation

(Majan) Networked Majan game

Speech Editor Edits speech

UNIX for NeXT UNIX tutorial


Appsoft Image Pixel manipulation

BJ Canon BubbleJet driver

CAD-Engine for NeXT CAD program

CanoPAT CAD program

Diagram! 2.1J Drawing

GT-Star Graphics editor

IX Image-processing system


LATLAS Incorporates map data

LightShow 1.2J Presentation and outlining

PrIms Scanner driver

NEXTSTEP Utilities for PIXEL Jet Canon PixelJet driver

Quick Scan Scanner driver

RE: REGARDING Document-management system

Scan8000 Scanner driver

SV-Library Still-frame video driver


IMAGE POCKET Ultrasound image processing

LX100 Analyzes medical tests

Pro-MEDiag 3.0 Analyzes medical tests


CDWriter NeXT/S Writes CDs

NXtalk2 Speaks English and Japanese

RM MIDI sequencer

Spiel Speaks in Japanese

Super Authoring System Multimedia authoring system

(including SA Std., SA Color,SA Pro, and SA Runtime)

Tiles Work Dock extender


Banquet Vision Banquet planner

Bridal Vision Guide Wedding planner

NIP ISDN connectivity

Textile Designer Textile-design program


DataLink for SYBASE Link to Sybase

FaxLink Fax-modem driver

First Report SQL report writer

GFbase 3.1 Graphical DB front end

GFbase Kit SQL database

(Intro) Puts NeXT input in Fortran and Pascal

INFORMIX 4.1 SQL database

INFORMIX DBKit Adaptor DBKit adapter

Lotus Improv 1.0J Spreadsheet

LPI COBOL ANSI Cobol X3.23-1985

METACard for Windows Forms-based database system

NeXT Easy Graphic Puts graphics in C, Fortran, and Pascal programs

Optima NX Financial modeling

SQ-1 Mathematical-graphing program

Templated Field Kit Smart fields

WingZ 1.2J Spreadsheet

X-Final Character-based spreadsheet

3270Vision 3270 terminal emulator

Word processing

Documentalist 1.0 Word processor

PRESBOX for NeXT Page layout

VJE-Pen Super 2.0 DTP/Page layout

VTEXT Word processor