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Advance 2000 NeP5-ADS

4 Cubes



Pentium 60MHz; 32MB RAM; 1GB SCSI drive; CD-ROM drive; 1024-by-768, 16-bit Miro S3 928 graphics; 3 VL-Bus and 5 ISA slots; 17-inch color monitor.

NeXTWORLD benchmarks

One of the fastest machines we've seen. Subsystems are tuned for high performance. Pentium from the ground up.
Excellent color. Very slow graphics may affect NEXTSTEP performance.
System design
Convenient access to CD-ROM drive and system controls. Somewhat noisy, especially the drives.
NEXTSTEP orientation
Advance 2000 is knowledgeable about NEXTSTEP and actively working in the market.
Excellent. 30-day money-back guarantee. Lifetime labor with a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround. Lifetime free phone support on hardware. One-year warranty on parts.
Expensive system, but a premium solution. Good value overall.
Advance 2000, 8560 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14221.

716/631-5602, 716/ 631-0569 fax.