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Pars International BarracudaDX2

4 Cubes

$5849 (not including NEXTSTEP)


DX2/66; 32MB RAM; 1GB SCSI drive; CD-ROM drive; 1280-by-1024, 16-bit ATI UltraPro graphics; 8 EISA and 1VL-Bus slots; 17-inch color monitor.

NeXTWORLD benchmarks

Fast '486 system. Tremendous disk performance boosts overall speed significantly.
Slow ATI graphics, slight jitters, but has high resolution and good color.
System design
Clunky tower, strong keyboard and mouse. Lots of slots, a number of goodies, including DPT card.
NEXTSTEP orientation
Committed to NEXTSTEP, strong UNIX knowledge.
One year on parts, three years labor, and promises 48-hour turnaround on repairs. Toll-free technical support. No unconditional money-back guarantee.
Low price for a machine with this many goodies. Strong performer.
Pars International, 22441 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA 94541.

510/733-0103, 800/947-4742, 510/733-0206 fax.