Archetype expands NeXT DTP strategy

by Simson L. Garfinkel

Waltham, MA Archetype, which entered the NeXT marketplace early this year when it announced plans for a NeXTSTEP "document engine," is readying two more NeXT products.

Both Archetype Page and InterSep are set to be released before the end of the year, according to Paul Trevithick, Archetype president.

Archetype Page is a full-featured page-layout and desktop-publishing program. Because it is based on Archetype's document engine, Archetype Page will "be able to interoperate with any other application that is based on the engine," Trevithick said.

Trevithick plans to sell the engine for under $200 and the combined package of engine and application for under $1000. About 15 developers were scheduled to receive the beta version of the engine, which Trevithick said would ship mid-July.

Archetype is also porting its InterSep image database and printing system to NeXTSTEP and is teaming up with a major producer of typesetting equipment to offer a combined hardware and software package to Macintosh and Novell network users.

InterSep is an image-management system designed to improve performance for microcomputer networks used primarily for desktop publishing. The system allows users to work with low-resolution versions of images on a Macintosh or PC. A high-resolution version of the image is then automatically inserted into PostScript when the image is printed.

Because the InterSep program resides on the print server itself, the program greatly reduces network traffic and speeds up the transfer and printing of electronic images.The NeXT-based version of InterSep will replace the Novell file and printer server with a NeXTstation and a high-resolution output device. NeXTSTEP's Display PostScript serves as the RIP engine.

Archetype can be reached at 617/890-7544.