Imagine to deliver midrange multimedia presentation app

by Connie Guglielmo

Ann Arbor, MI As part of its strategy to offer a suite of multimedia products for NeXT users, Imagine Multimedia is developing a new multimedia program for creating interactive, hypertext-based presentations.

Called ImaginePresents, the $895 program is due in the fourth quarter. It is positioned to fall between Imagine's $595 MediaStation, an easy-to-use multimedia editing and storage program, and ImagineInterActive, a $9995 graphical scripting environment that will be released in early 1993.

"We started doing the design for ImagineInterActive, and people told us we should spin off a presentation app," said Imagine CEO Ken Slayton, adding that the company will offer an "attractive" upgrade path for ImaginePresents owners who trade up to ImagineInterActive.

ImaginePresents has a three-part interface that, like ImagineInterActive, includes a Tool panel; a Simulator module that builds presentation front ends and tests the finished presentation; and a Navigator module, which provides a graphical overview of presentations through a hierarchical browser.

Users will be able to output presentations to videotape, play back both linear and nonlinear presentations, and make anything on a presentation screen a hot link to another screen.

Imagine also announced MediaBrowser, a utility that lets users play MediaStation archives. MediaBrowser will be available in August for a nominal fee.

Imagine Multimedia can be reached at 313/930-7777 or e-mail: