Vertex does DL one better

by Kristin dyer

Pittsburgh Vertex Librarian, a souped-up version of Digital Librarian, is expected to begin shipping from Vertex Software this month. Vertex Librarian is based on a set of C libraries developed for PC OEMs. The libraries have been ported to VMS, the operating system for DEC VAX machines, and Vertex is considering ports to Macintosh and other workstations.

The first NeXT product to use the C libraries in its code will be VISUS's PaperSight.NeXT third-party vendors were impressed with the library set and suggested that Vertex could do a much better version of Digital Librarian. The new product collects data into information bases, similar to bookshelves in Digital Librarian, but accepts any kind of file, sound, or graphic, "including applications, though I can't imagine how that would work," said Vertex President Mike Chambers. Unlike Digital Librarian, additions to the information bases are indexed immediately for quick retrieval.

Query capabilities represent the greatest gain from the standard Digital Librarian format. More than 80 percent of the data on five application disks belongs to an English thesaurus, allowing conceptual searches and document classification. Users can import other thesauri or create their own, to be linked together for even-more-complex searches. Hypertext links can be added to documents within an information base or through the Services menu.

Vertex Software can be reached at 412/931-7600.