Corks pop for long-awaited apps

by Connie Guglielmo

Two conspicuous holes in the NeXT application library were filled last month as developers shipped long-awaited software products.

·PasteUp, RightBrain Software's long-awaited page-layout program, began shipping last month. The $795 program combines the easy-to-use pasteboard approach of PageMaker with the typographical control of QuarkXPress. Glenn Reid, PasteUp's PostScript-savvy author, has provided unlimited levels of undo and redo, drag-and-drop image capabilities, and interapplication import and export of files. RightBrain Software: 415/326-2974.

·Software Ventures' oft-delayed MicroPhone II for NeXT, advanced telecommunications software, finally shipped in July. The $395 program offers a front-end design tool for designing your own graphical front end to remote services or remote computers. The program also includes a built-in script editor, with 300 prewritten commands and functions, so that users unfamiliar with scripting can build scripts free of syntax errors. NeXT users who bought the prerelease version of MicroPhone II at NeXTWORLD Expo in January can get the final release free. Software Ventures: 510/644-3232.