School district tops list of buyers

by Eliot Bergson

NeXT recently made sales to one of the fastest-growing KŠ12 school districts in the United States, another financial trading firm, and the chip manufacturer for its own machines.

Ninety NeXTstations joined 20 already in classrooms and offices of the Valverde Unified School District, located in the desert of California's Riverside County. Administrators and teachers will be using a combination of Sybase, Virginia Tech's multimedia library system (called VTLS), and NeXTmail for grading, attendance, and inventory tasks, while students will use VTLS and have Internet access in the classroom.

The district, which is building on average one new school a year, plans to place another 150 machines on desktops in the next 12 months, all connected through 10Base-T in every classroom.

In the growing financial arena, Chicago Research and Trading Group Limited (CRT) began a pilot program with 30 NeXTstations. Developers are building custom applications and workers are using Lighthouse Design's Diagram. CRT has also bought licenses for WordPerfect, Lotus Improv, and Lighthouse's Concurrence.

Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector purchased 70 machines for its information services groups. The semiconductor manufacturer is automating its office, where workers are using FrameMaker, Wingz, Improv, WriteNow, 3270Vision for host connectivity, and Appsoft Draw.