NPE controversy receding

Burlingame, CA NeXT defused the controversy over its proposed NeXTPublishing Environment (NPE) at a meeting of developers here in June.

Some developers of shrinkwrapped graphics applications reacted negativelyto NeXT's earlier proposal to adopt a "document engine," written byArchetype, as a standard for all NeXT publishing software (see "DTP engineproposed," NeXTWORLD Extra, March 1992). The NPE concept was an attempt byNeXT to align its publishing direction with its focus oncustom-application development.

Steve Jobs told developers that a universal API was not in NeXT'sinterests, according to attendees.

"NeXT is now pursuing a more general approach that encompasses both shrinkwrapped apps andobjects," said Bruce Webster, of Pages Software in San Diego. "NPE stillexists, but it now has a broader definition."

Webster said that a group of developers is working together to proposeprotocols that cover file formats and translation filters.

by Dan Ruby