Metrosoft in January teamed up with HSD to form a strategic partnership. Metrosoft will publish several HSD products, including OCR Servant, HSD Spell, and Power Scan, while HSD will offer consulting services to the San Diego-based developer of MetroTools. "Both companies have been successful on their own and are joining forces to strengthen their positions as leading providers of NEXTSTEP solutions," a spokeswoman said. Metrosoft: 619/ 488-9411;

HSD is offering a special promotional price of $19.95 for HSD Spell, a replacement for the NEXTSTEP spell checker that supports 11 languages. Because HSD's existing inventory of the product is available solely on ED disks, only users of Motorola hardware can take advantage of the offer. Users can also choose to upgrade to the Intel version for $49. HSD Spell has a $149 suggested retail price, which includes two language dictionaries. Additional languages, including Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish, can be purchased for $99 each. HSD: 408/774-1400; sales@hsd. com.

Dolphin Technologies has announced a new release of its Dolphin Kit Class library, with enhancements and new objects. Included in the kit are classes for string manipulation, complex-string parsing and regular-expression handling, encapsulation of files, and extended-error and crash handling. Single-user licenses are available for $449; site licenses are also available. Dolphin: 310/441-9041;

Objective Technologies in January added to its ObjectWare offerings with OTStringKit, a set of Objective-C classes, protocols, and categories, along with C macros and constants, that are designed to speed application development. According to the company, the software allows programmers to manipulate strings, paths, regular expressions, and data as objects, while reducing memory-allocation errors. OTI: 212/227-6767; info@

Xedoc has partnered with Helios USA, a major U.S. distributor of network operating systems, particularly for Macintosh networks based on UNIX servers. Xedoc plans to leverage its NetInfo product expertise and create a product called EtherEvents, to be sold as part of Helios's EtherShare product line. Helios has a customer base of 25,000 UNIX and AppleTalk systems, the largest in the world. Xedoc: 61/3/696-2490;

VVI charted a new course in February with the release of GraphBuilder 3.2 and its accompanying Graph Object Library. By incorporating user-definable preferences, GraphBuilder can be used to integrate data and report generation into custom applications, according to the company. The app is priced at $198 ($89 for academic customers) and includes documentation, header files, and a complete API. The Graph Object Library comes with tech support and on-site training. VVI: 814/234-9613.

Ciusa in January announced that it had signed agreements with Olduvai Corporation to license Olduvai's Macintosh ArtClips, ArtFonts, BrushFonts, and CoolFonts for NEXTSTEP. Ciusa will sell the $129 and $149 packages as stand-alone products and bundled with other Ciusa offerings. Ciusa: 612/822-1604.

Jackson, a Taiwan-based developer of Chinese publishing software, has released a free Chinese PostScript font for NEXTSTEP. The KaiSu font, one of 33 available from the company, will be distributed by the Taiwan NeXT User Group and placed in major ftp sites around the world. Taiwan NeXT User Group: david@

Developer Thierry Charles has shipped beta versions of ReportBuilder and ReportEngine, two tools for generating reports from client-server databases. Demo copies are available via ftp from and edu. Contact: 33/67/22.48.66;