Indexing Kit bugs bite DataPhile users

by Lee Sherman

Albuquerque, NM Users of Stone Design's DataPhile were among the first to be bitten by bugs in the NEXTSTEP 3.2 Indexing Kit.

An undocumented change to the kit caused the find command to stop working and could, in some cases, lead to corrupted files. At press time, the bug fix was undergoing quality-assurance testing at NeXT.

According to Elena Settanni, technical support manager at Stone Design, the problem only affects text fields or views that are over 8KB in size, such as those that include Rich Text or graphics.

"We had some users who elected to go ahead with 3.2 because they figured that most of their users didn't have fancy views," she said. "Everyone else patched back to the 3.1 libraries."

A patch was shipped to registered users in mid-December and immediately posted to the net on

DataPhile 2.1, which incorporates the fix, will ship as soon as it is ready, according to Stone. The new version also includes a more powerful find language, smart merge, and speed enhancements.

Other products that use the Indexing Kit, including Pangea's MindShare, are also affected by the bugs. After a short delay, Pangea in January shipped a revised version of its software.