WriteUp yet to ship

by Lee Sherman

Springhouse, PA Anderson Financial Systems missed its self-imposed deadline of December 31 for shipping its WriteUp word processor. At press time, the product had still not shipped, but the company said it is on track for a March release.

As promised, customers who preordered the software before the deadline will receive a rebate of $1 per day from December 31 to the day the app ships. AFS said it will also offer an as-yet-undisclosed rebate to academic customers who weren't eligible for the special deal. WriteUp sells for $199 with academic pricing of $99.

With WordPerfect out of the running, WriteUp has come under increased scrutiny as customers scramble to fill the void for a NEXTSTEP word processor.

Instead of succumbing to feature-itis, AFS CEO Greg Anderson said, the company is taking the time required to release a product that is as clean as possible.

"We didn't say it was going to be God's word processor in the first iteration," he said. "We're taking the features that we've announced, and we're in the process of making them stable."

Anderson can be reached at 215/653-0911.