Sarrus pencils in developers with API

by Lee Sherman

Washington, D.C. Following the trend toward open applications, Sarrus Software announced the availability of a Pencil Me In API at the East Coast Developer Conference in January.

With the Pencil Me In Toolkit, corporate developers can use the API to integrate group scheduling and calendar functions into their custom applications. The libraries included with the tool kit offer total control over Pencil Me In, including the capability to set calendar-access levels for Pencil Me In users on a network and create calendars, appointments, and action items.

"Pencil Me In is now the only scheduling application available on any platform to allow that level of integration," said Liz Statmore, vice-president of marketing.

The William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills, California, is using the Pencil Me In API with DBKit and a Sybase database to develop a custom talent-management system that will provide a common calendar interface for both client bookings and group scheduling within the organization.

"Our agents were already using Pencil Me In for their calendars," said Alex Henry, director of MIS at William Morris. "Why not use something that is familiar?"