Dream comes true for Quix Computerware

by Eliot Bergson

Lucerne, Switzerland Quix Computerware ended months of negotiation with Apple in January and began shipping its Daydream hardware add-on, which enables NEXTSTEP for Motorola users to run Macintosh System 7 and third-party applications.

The box, which plugs into the NeXTstation DSP port, contains Macintosh LC ROMs. When the Daydream ROM box is connected and the NeXTstation is rebooted, the Macintosh operating system runs the computer, allowing users access to Mac applications, files, and peripherals.

The product's release was delayed for several months as Apple and Quix negotiated the release (see "Black box or Mac box?" NeXTWORLD Extra, October 1993).

The initial $795 price was set to expire at the end of February; other pricing was not determined at press time.

Quix: 201/928-0420, 41/41/34. 88.43; quix@applelink.apple.com.