Mesa tuned for multiple platforms

by Paul Curthoys

Boston Athena Design in January took an early lead among third-party developers in supporting NeXT's cross-platform alliances by announcing that it will release versions of its Mesa spreadsheet for OpenStep and NEXTSTEP for PA-RISC.

The ports of the popular spreadsheet will be available concurrently with the release of the two new operating-system versions, according to the company.

Signs of early progress were visible at Hewlett-Packard's unveiling of its new Model 712 hardware line, when Mesa was demonstrated running on an alpha version of NEXTSTEP for PA-RISC (see "NS takes financial RISC").

Athena also announced that it will release ports of Mesa for any new platforms on which NEXTSTEP becomes available.

Both new versions of Mesa will be available at the usual price of $499; educational discounts and site licenses will also continue to be available.

Athena Design can be reached at 17 St. Mary's Ct., Boston, MA 02146. 617/734-6372, 617/734-1130 fax;