Cub'X gets new name, home

by Paul Curthoys

Palo Alto, CA Š Providing customer service across an ocean and several time zones can be quite a challenge. That's why Intuitive Systems, the French developer of intuitiv'3d and Cub'X-Windows, in January relocated its offices to California.

"The American market is the biggest part of the NEXTSTEP market," said Claire Normand, marketing manager at Intuitive Systems. "We've always wanted to be in the U.S. to reach the American market." Normand added that sales have improved since her company's move.

In its new location, Intuitive Systems will continue to refine intuitiv'3d, its 3-D modeling app. Normand said the company had planned to have a new version ready for release by the end of February.

The move also involves a name change for the company, which has been called Intuitive Technologies and Cub'X Syst¸mes in the past.

Intuitive Systems can be reached at P.O. Box 60849, Palo Alto, CA 94306. 415/852-0245, 415/852-1271 fax; info%intuitiv.uucp@