Pangea sends NeXT mail

by Lee Sherman

Annandale, VA Pangea Corporation has announced MindShare Mail, the first commercially available alternative to NeXTmail.

"After seeing MindShare in action, our customers realized we had what it takes to develop the next-generation e-mail system they so badly needed," said Peter Park, Pangea's president. "Groupware features like shared mailboxes and central storage have become a critical part of the e-mail picture."

MindShare Mail will offer features, such as prioritization, filtering, encryption, fast searching, and mailbox sharing, that go beyond NeXTmail's more limited features. Users of MindShare Mail will be able to exchange messages containing Rich Text, graphics, and sounds with users of NeXTmail on a network or over the Internet. An ASCII option will enable them to send messages to other systems.

MindShare Mail will be available as a stand-alone system or as an add-on to MindShare, the company's recently released groupware. When integrated with MindShare, users can send messages directly to either an individual or a MindShare discussion group.

MindShare Mail and MindShare are based on the Pangea Groupware Engine, an object kit containing objects for data formats, database replication, security, and administration. The APIs for the engine will be available in 1994.