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Title: enTAR - Anyone have this application? for Backup
Post by: NeXTsociety on May 19, 2010, 01:24:16 am
I have seen this enTAR backup application in NeXTWORLD magazines and wonder if this application is available for download anyplace and if one needs a serial # or license code to use it.  Looks like a nice application to backup to tape drives.  I have a HP DAT24 on the way and would dig a nice backup application to use it with.

I really need to start backing up my Cube now that I am using it daily.


*** Edit.  I see enTar was part of the peanuts or some NeXT CD so I now have it on my hard drive.  It is DEMO though and needs license.  So, this company is long long closed.... Anyone have a public license for this application?  Looks like it would work for me well.  Kind of sad cool software like this becomes dead when the platform dies.  Hope someone has a license code.