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Title: NS / OS install in iDOS app for iPhone or iPad?
Post by: nextchef on November 02, 2010, 04:25:16 pm
I was lucky enough to grab the iDOS app before apple pulled it, as it is really funny to see DOS on my iPhone.  After seeing that someone had gotten windows installed on it, my mind naturally went to wondering if I can get some version of NS/OS installed.  I am still digging through the info available on the web, especially how the doxbox imgmount command works.  Has anyone installed NS/OS in dosbox?  They suggest trying everything in doxbox on a pc first, and if that works to then try it in iDOS / DOSpad.

Seems like a fun little project to try, as it would be neat to be able to run NS/OS on an iPad.

Will update this thread on how it progresses.