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Title: Webserver kb7sqi files and TFTP configuration
Post by: NeXTnewbe on December 20, 2010, 11:56:35 am
Dear All

First of all, a happy Christmas for every one and a wonderful 2011

I would like to know who knows the steps to install apache web server on an NS 3.3, as I had it in my box, but I did manage to break the complete setup and I can't remember how I did set up the web server.

I still have the files I down load form kb7sqi's site, but no idea how setup/install it

In the other hand, I want to run TFTP on my box as would like to test two motherboards in the same cube, so far the secondary box (diskless) is able to detect my the bootp server, but unusable to find the tftp server.

When I try to run the server, I did modify the init.d (I think it was) and remove the # on the file and let the ftfpd -s /private/tftpboot without comment, but I can't make it work

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with these two issues

Many Thanks