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Title: Daydream Rom Box operation on disk tabbed disks.
Post by: brams on July 08, 2006, 12:23:45 pm

I've got another dilemma to sort out that's a mystery.  Due to the difficulty on getting Narrow SCSI hard discs these days I bought a Sun Unipack 611 onto which I usually install NS 3.3 or OS 4.2, I then boot of the 611 and then write a disk tab for the 'Cuda 18XL inside the Cube and Fujitsu drive inside the Slab and then doing the following:

disk -b -t [disktab name] -i /dev/rsd1a (internal disk)

I initialise the disks and then dump/restore rsd0a (Sun 611) onto rsd1a

After that, having partitioned and done the business with dump and restore, I then boot and eveything is fine except that none on the Mac OS images in root are seen by the Daydream kernel/rom box.  All I get the the blinking disc icon that a Mac gives, putting in a Mac OS 7.5.5 emergency floppy disk and booting, no Mac OS disks mount on the desktop and none can be seen via the startup control panel.

WTF is going on?, anybody got a clue as I have no idea.........

Is there anyway, to install OS 4.2 or NS 3.3 after the disk has been parted and initialised without destroying the partition map/table, like what happens when you try to install using CD ROM?, does not seem to recognise any disktabs I write and put in /etc/disktab.

Michael Bramley