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Title: NeXTSTEP 3.3 on HP 743 SBC
Post by: wbyte on December 03, 2017, 10:05:12 am
The hp743 is a 6U VME based SBC.
I tried to install the ns 3.3, however the kernel hangs with memory access  exception:

PDC - Processor Dependent Code - Version 302.0 Release 0
(c) Copyright 1994, Hewlett-Packard Company, All rights reserved
80 Mbytes of memory configured.

System Search started.

Press [Esc] to discontinue the Auto Boot process.

Pressing [Esc] will NOT discontinue Auto Boot.
Now booting.
LASI I/O detected

NEXTSTEP boot v3.3.4.17
81920 memory

NEXTSTEP will start up in 10 seconds, or you can:
 Type -v and press Return to start up NEXTSTEP with diagnostic messages
 Type ? and press Return to learn about advanced startup options
 Type any other character to stop NEXTSTEP from starting up automatically



Type 1 to use the English language and USA keyboard while installing NEXTSTEP.
Tapez 2 pour installer NEXTSTEP avec un clavier et des messages francais.
Eingabe 3 fuer NEXTSTEP-Installation mit deutscher Sprache und Tastatur.
Premi 4 per installare NEXTSTEP usando lingua italiana e tastiera italiana.
Pulse 5 para usar el idioma y el teclado espanol en la instalacion de NEXTSTEP.Skriv 6 for att installera NEXTSTEP pa svenska med svenskt tangentbord.

---> 1

This program is for installing NEXTSTEP on a hard disk.

If you have files on your hard disk that you want to keep,
quit this program and copy what you want to keep onto another disk.

Type 1 to prepare to install NEXTSTEP.
Type 2 to quit this installation program.

---> 1

Reading NEXTSTEP configuration
NeXT Mach 3.3: Tue Feb 14 20:55:37 PST 1995; root(rcbuilder):mk-172.3.32.obj~5/RC_hppa/RELEASE_HPPA
physical memory = 80.00 megabytes.
using 255 buffers containing 1.99 megabytes of memory
available memory = 72.63 megabytes. vm_page_free_count = 2451
attempting block map of 0xf0000000
attempting block map of 0xf8000000
Memory access exception (1,1,31769c)
Waiting for remote debugger connection.
(Type 'c' to continue or 'r' to reboot)

I noticed there were newer 3.3 hppa builds which could fix this issue. Any ideas?