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Title: NeXT ADB Mouse and NeXT ADB Keyboard Special 30 anniversary
Post by: Rob Blessin Black Hole on September 24, 2018, 04:46:00 pm
Hello NeXT Community:   DEAL Below HAS EXPIRED but I still have reasonably priced inventory just email me. If you ask me on eBay it puts my ability to sell to you directly on eBay in trouble. So please just email direct  , payment is through paypal.  

To Celebrate NeXT's upcoming 30th anniversary October 12, 1988 good through October 24, 2018

NeXT ADB keyboard , NeXT ADB Cable and NeXT ADB Mouse bundle  $30
( I have a ton of excellent new old stock NeXT ADB German and Italian keyboards also have some NeXT ADB US that have key issues compressed keys probably repairable recommend just buying the German or italian ones and rearranging them)

So I'm offering forum members a special deal individually as well
on NeXT ADB Items.

NeXT ADB Mice $10 , yes they work and are in excellent condition

NeXT ADB Keyboards catch is I have German and Italian Layout , you can rearrange the keycaps to make US then use keymapping  for the extra charactors  and they are new old stock.  $15

NeXT Black ADB Cable $5  

We sell the color Wombat ADB to USB , USB to ADB adaptor for $59.95 or you can get the Drakware USB to ADB from for $20

New Old Stock NeXT Floppy Drives $10

New Old Stock power Station Supplies $15

New Old Stock NeXTStation motherboard with 8 mb ram $50

Also lots of cool stuff being added daily on my computerpowwow eBay store.

Looking for something in particular let me know.

Shipping in US for Mice, cables, floppy drives $8 USPS Priority mail , International $18.50

Shipping power supplies $13.50  , international $26.50

Shipping Keyboards and or bundles Large USPS priority box $19.50

Shipping first class or priority depending on weight and location international  keyboards $45 to $70

I can email a paypal invoice for payment !

Best Regards Rob Blessin