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Black Hardware / Re: Cleaning a non-ADB keyboar...
Last post by Theta-K7 - November 22, 2019, 08:45:32 pm
Well, luckily I noticed pretty quickly that it wasn't looking like most of the dirty keyboards I've been cleaning up, so I stopped before doing anything that shows.  Lesson learned.  Soap and water only on NeXT keyboards.   8)
Black Hardware / Re: Troubleshooting 68030 Cube
Last post by barcher174 - November 22, 2019, 07:12:21 pm
All of the electrolytics should be replaced. They can look fine and still cause these problems. Maybe also try reseating and cleaning the ROM chip. My guess is the caps.
Black Hardware / Re: Troubleshooting 68030 Cube
Last post by smyke - November 22, 2019, 06:54:55 pm
Thanks for the suggestions. I removed all RAM sticks (8 original, 4 aftermarket). I re-installed 4 modules starting at the outer edge of the board. There was no change to this behavior, swapped in 4 different modules, no change. What capacitors usually need changed? I see a mix of SMD and through hold electrolytics. None of them seem to be leaking. The board actually looks brand new. Here is a picture of what I see when the system turns on, when on this screen, I cannot do anything, seems frozen.
Black Hardware / Re: Cleaning a non-ADB keyboar...
Last post by barcher174 - November 22, 2019, 02:49:22 am
I have unfortunately made the same mistake.
New Technology / Re: NeXT Universal Soundbox Re...
Last post by bushnrvn - November 22, 2019, 02:35:13 am
Brian, please put me down for one board.  I've had a Nextstation sitting on a shelf for years because I haven't had a soundbox.  It will be great to get it up and running finally.
Black Hardware / Re: Troubleshooting 68030 Cube
Last post by barcher174 - November 22, 2019, 02:13:56 am
Based on your description I think it's failing now before the POST. A pic might help.  Unplug everything from the board and try swapping RAM. You need a minimum of 4 sticks starting at the outer edge. Capacitor replacement is usually the next step.
Black Hardware / Troubleshooting 68030 Cube
Last post by smyke - November 21, 2019, 07:14:01 pm
I was recently loaned a 68030 NeXT Computer for cleaning/troubleshooting (it was in unknown condition). As this is my first experience with NeXT, all technical aspects of booting it were new to me. I dis-assembled the cube and cleaned all components. After re-assembly, I powered it on for the first time. The screen came on, I heard a sound out of speakers connected to the monitor, a 'plop' sound. NeXT logo on the screen, and nothing else. I researched and found that after removing the PRAM battery, it defaults to netboot. The battery is bad, only reading 2v. Further reading had me boot to rom monitor by Command + ~ during power on. This brought me to a screen showing "NeXT ROM Monitor 1.0 (v41)" at the top of the screen. This never goes away and I do not see anything else; no keypresses do anything either. I do not see any NeXT prompt, nothing. Holding the power button on the keyboard does not power off the system. If I press Command + ~ again, the 'NeXT ROM Monitor..." banner flashes. To troubleshoot, I first disconnected the MO drive, same issue, then disconnected the hard drive, same issue.

Does anyone have any idea what to try next to troubleshoot this issue? I am not sure how to continue.

Black Hardware / Cleaning a non-ADB keyboard wi...
Last post by Theta-K7 - November 21, 2019, 07:56:21 am
I recently acquired a little ultrasonic cleaner, so I've been disassembling and cleaning all my keyboards.  Throwing the keycaps in the ultrasonic cleaner for 10 minutes with a couple of tablets of denture cleaner works wonders.

While I've had each keyboard apart, I've been cleaning up the case/body with isopropyl alcohol and cotton wipes.  This has worked without any concern until I got to my first NeXT keyboard.  I noticed as I was wiping the keyboard body that my cotton wipes were getting very black, much more than with any of my other keyboards.  Growing concerned that I was actually removing the surface of the keyboard case, I stopped.  No visible damage done, fortunately.

But this raises the question:  Is isopropyl alcohol a no-no for cleaning a non-ADB NeXT keyboard, or is my keyboard just really, really dirty?
Porting New Software / Dvorak Keyboard mapper and Mem...
Last post by Rob Blessin Black Hole - November 20, 2019, 08:31:53 pm
Hello NeXT Community: A few new ports here     thank you Dylan , a nice keyboard mapper and a memory tester.   

 If anyone has  new Ports or software they need me to upload to our NeXT archives please let me know via message. 

Best Regards Rob Blessin
Black Hardware / Re: NeXTStation Turbo & hardwa...
Last post by MarkL - November 20, 2019, 11:48:26 am
But dv040 from the file archive does not work either on a standard NeXTstation under NS3.1.
That's what I experienced last night.
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