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Black Hardware / Re: NeXTStation raising except...
Last post by m18e - June 17, 2019, 03:55:16 am
One thing I noticed as I was stepping through the disassembly via the ROM monitor is that the return-to address from the exception handler is the RTE instruction it's trying to execute (ie: it's returning to itself).

Do the EPROMS ever flake out? I noticed the sticker over the crystal on the EPROM was no longer there. I was wondering if it's worth checking if the ROM's been corrupted or anything...

I'm kind of losing hope here :(
The Lounge / Re: NEXTSPACE - NeXTSTEP-like ...
Last post by oneNeXT - June 16, 2019, 09:13:52 am
Do you consider releasing ISO for x86 or RPI ?
Rhapsody / Re: Powerbook G3 running Rhaps...
Last post by Daxziz - June 15, 2019, 03:23:49 pm
Even the cells in Denmark are expensive. But right now, it seems like the only option is to get 6 rechargeable cells and repair the small PRAM battery. I haven't found a place yet where these packs can still be bought.

Right now the laptop is connected to power all the time, in a small hope that it'll actually recharge the PRAM battery.

However I did manage to get the laptop to boot into Rhapsody 5.6 again by booting it on a 9.2.2 Live CD, which was able to identify the UFS disk in Start Disk and mark it as bootable.
Rhapsody / Re: Powerbook G3 running Rhaps...
Last post by Daxziz - June 15, 2019, 06:38:38 am
So the PRAM battery is dead, which sadly corrupts the Open firmware bootloader.

It simply won't boot.

I'll have to get a new battery, or if that's impossible, then see if I can replace the cells inside the original.

If anybody know of a place to get these batteries for a fair price, then do let me know 😃

The Lounge / Re: NEXTSPACE - NeXTSTEP-like ...
Last post by Daxziz - June 15, 2019, 06:33:29 am
Are there any plans about making it able to run Openstep applications?

And is it possible to compile use the Workspace app as an interface on OS X?

But nice work. There's a good amount of hours in it 😃

The Lounge / NEXTSPACE - NeXTSTEP-like desk...
Last post by stoyan255 - June 14, 2019, 02:41:23 pm
Hello NeXT Community!

Several years ago I've stared to create NeXTSTEP-like desktop for Linux. My goal is to create environment that looks and feels like NeXT's OS without compromises (not theme or skin to some existing sofware).
I'm writing it from scratch on Objective-C utilizing core thechnologies: CentOS Linux (mature, enterprise-level distribution), GNUstep libraries, Grand Central Dispatch and others.

Current state of project: version 0.85 (https://github.com/trunkmaster/nextspace/releases/tag/0.85). I use it as regular desktop everyday.
Major applications are:
- Login - login panel is identical to NeXT's one.
- Workspace - it's Workspace Manager replica with almost 90% features implemented.
- Preferences - about 60% features completed (Localization, Kyboard, Mouse, Displays, Sound)
- Terminal - you know it.  ;)

The GitHub page for project is here https://github.com/trunkmaster/nextspace.

P.S.: I'll be happy to see some contribution to the project.
Classic Computer Marketplace / Re: NITRO for Sale . Yes a REA...
Last post by rumbeard - June 14, 2019, 01:02:04 am
F. An upgrade board with a 68060
Classic Computer Marketplace / Re: NITRO for Sale . Yes a REA...
Last post by rumbeard - June 14, 2019, 12:38:27 am
Yeah, a Pyro is more practical as it was a released product and faster than the Nitro... which got me thinking about a few ideas.  You said some of us were looking at new upgrade hardware similar to that as a design of our own.  I'm wondering how easy it might be to go the route of:

A. An upgrade board with the fastest low power x86 practical where you put the original processor on the daughter card similar to Apple's official PowerPC upgrade boards for 68K Macs and the requirement is you need to install a FAT install of NEXTSTEP or OPENSTEP,
B. An upgrade board with a PowerPC G3 or G4 and a Rhapsody Kernel patch.  (this one probably wouldn't work because you'd lose pretty much all userland due to non-FAT apps)
C. B or A with an onboard silicon 68K emulator emulating a mythical never released multi-Ghz 68K which takes the instructions and translates on the fly for the modern processor to handle and pass back.  The limitation is how fast you can feed and drain the motherboard socket with the existing bus speeds.
D. a station/cube system on a chip design with breakouts to match the original cases.
E. Obligatory geek joke... Imagine a Beowulf cluster of D.  (though on a more serious note D is hardware virtualization, could you have effectively a huge # of virtual cubes on a single NeXTbus board and then shove 3 slaves and a master in the backplane)  Cube of Cubes?  You could write some pipelining apps that could take data feeds off to the other boards with the main board having a hardware port breakout as if it was a cube with an integrated dimension as the master system.
Rhapsody / Re: Powerbook G3 running Rhaps...
Last post by eagle - June 13, 2019, 06:18:28 pm
Love love love it!!
Rhapsody / Powerbook G3 running Rhapsody ...
Last post by Daxziz - June 12, 2019, 08:47:06 pm
I finally got my hands on a Powerbook G3, "Wallstreet", running at 233 MHz, equipped with 192 MB of RAM and of course a build-in ethernet port able to run 10 mbit.
I was able to get it for around 38 USD and only had to pay for domestic shipping as well, which added around 7 USD to the total.

It's near mint condition, with only the transparent plastic behind the IR missing, and there's a single dead pixel in the screen. Also there's like a small shadow on the other side, but it's barely noticeable. I only saw it once I moved TextEdit over to that side, and my eyes saw something "dirty" on an otherwise clean monitor.

It arrived yesterday with Mac OS 9.1 installed, where I didn't do much else, than verify that it was indeed in a working condition.
After being through my old stuff today, I found my CD with Mac OS X Server 1.2v3, Rhapsody 5.6, which I just finished installing.

The installation was very easy. After initializing the hard drive with the UFS server file system, the installer was able to run. Naturally, after I'd confirmed to install on unsupported hardware.
Fun and easy little project, when compared to some of the others, we've seen with earlier versions of Rhapsody and getting that to run on Intel hardware 😃

The laptop is working really great, fast speed and a snappy GUI. The battery only keeps for around 15 minutes, but it's enough for now. It heavier than I had imagined it, but the quality really is impressive.

Haven't done much with it yet, but there's a lot of old stuff, that I need to have a look at. Like BlueBox, which I've never played around with before.
I've looked through a few things, like the added AppleMenuOptions.app, when compared to the DR2 of Rhapsody for Intel, which is primarily what I've been using every now and then for the past years. But also some of the other added applications which really makes the system feel rather complete.

Anyway... picts or it didn't happen, right? Here's a few 😃

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