use BOOTP to reinstall NEXTCube

Started by Myux, February 17, 2006, 01:28:43 pm

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I have a NEXTCUBE 040 25Mhz, with a local CDROM.
My Internal Hard Disk have some problems (i suppose defect sectors); my Optical Floppy is OK (i suppose) but disks seems too old and maybe damages to boot correctly. The only solution for me, is to setting up a new system (3.3 or 3.2) on a new internal hard disk but using a boot net to start installation from the local CDROM. I have a SPARC LX with NetBSD 2.1 and setting up BOOTPD / TFTP ; i have copying the file "/private/tftpboot/boot.cdrom" on my LX in the "/tftpboot" ; so... NEXT is ready to boot on net...

Have you trying this solution to reinstall a NEXTCube ?
have you some examples ?

Actualy, i boot with "ben" command on NEXTROM... but nothing !
Maybe it is a problem on "/etc/bootptab" ?
If you have ideas ?

iMac24 2.66, IBM eServerX330, others PC


Hi Myux,

I haven't tried network booting but I found a web page that might help you.

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Hello everybody,

Successful !
I give you the solution to close this POST !

I have setting up a NS3.3 into my NEXTCube 040 25Mhz via BOOTP.
My OD was so tired to mount optical floppy; The NEXTCube dont boot a local CDROM if it is not a turbo... no floppy 2.88 ! What can i do ?!!!!
Force the Cube to boot the local CDROM and installing a "fresh" NS3.3... with BOOTP ! I have preparing a NetBSD 2.1 on a little SUN SPARC LX, activate TFTP and BOOTP in the "/etc/inetd.conf" file... Creating and setting up the "/etc/bootptab" file like this...



Copying the "boot.cdrom" file (from NEXT CD NS3.3) into "/tftpboot" directory on SPARC. (to extract; mount on LINUX server the filesystem like this: mount -t ufs -o ufstype=nextstep-cd /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom... extract the file boot.cdrom from "/private/tftpboot/" and copy via FTP into SPARC LX)...

To finish... on NEXTROM, type "ben"...
The NEXTCube boot on the local network... and start the local CDROM, ready to install a new OS NS3.2 or NS3.3...
So easy...

Thanks for your help.
iMac24 2.66, IBM eServerX330, others PC