WebObjects 4.0.1 for NT (yellowbox)

Started by mevdev, March 18, 2006, 12:52:47 am

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Does webobjects 4.0.1 include yellowbox?

I have a copy of Mac os x 1.0 (10) with that version and the cd has a windows install folder, but my the password on my sleeve doesn't work to install it.

Any ideas?


Yes, WebObjects 4.x.x provides the Yellow Box application environment for Windows NT 4.0, 2000 and even XP. Any Yellow Box for Windows applications... and many applications for OpenStep Enterprise for Windows, run perfectly in WebObjects 4 on Windows. And yes, WebObjects 4 should come with all the same apps that were bundled with the Yellow Box for Windows developer CDs (MailViewer, TextEdit, etc).

As you've found out, the WebObjects CD that came with Mac OS X Server only has a license string for the Mac OS X Server version even though the CD contains both the Mac and Windows versions.

You can still buy WebObjects 4.x.x. I've seen it on sale on ebay for under $40US and there is a copy of 4.0.1 on sale here for $29.99US.

One of my favorite apps is NeXplorer, which is a great file browser that lets you use OPENSTEP/Rhapsody icons in a Workspace Manager-like file viewer.


I won a bid on ebay for webObjects 4.5, and I believe with that being before the java rewrite I will have the yellowbox.

So is it illegal to distribute the yellowbox with a yellowbox application? (just like the Nex thing)

It is really a shame that the yellowbox is not here anymore. I guess I could develop my own applications for it.

For now I'm just happy to finally be able to use the dev tools on 3.3 ; )


Quote from: "mevdev"So is it illegal to distribute the yellowbox with a yellowbox application? (just like the Nex thing)
Yellow Box applications... yes. The Yellow Box environment is something else though. That was what killed Yellow Box for Windows for most developers... Apple said that they were not going to make a stand alone Yellow Box for Windows and they would not license a portable Yellow Box for developers to use to run their apps (and WebObjects 4.x was running at $700 back then).

Today, WebObjects 4.x is pretty cheep and I wouldn't think Apple would have a problem with multiple copies running within a single business for the purposes of running apps on a lot of systems. But by the time you get to the point of wanting to run an app on a lot of systems you would most likely be better off in many cases using WebObjects the way it was designed... to distribute a browser based apps solution over an intranet for a single server (which was why Apple bundled Enterprise Objects and WebObjects together as a single product).

Even today, WebObject may be free for Mac users... but isn't for Windows users.


That kills me.

There is one that really gets me going, and that is the little PPC and Intel checkboxes. I know on NS3.3 you can check one of the HP/Sun/NT/68k boxes. I know they changed the framework a lot, but a 68k checkbox would be dreamy. I think that would get  a lot more apps to ns3.3

Alas I know the API changed so much in Openstep, much less the PS -> quartz change.

I just don't get quartz. It just seems like a little much. Like one needs a major in math just to get a line moving.

I'll have to install Mac os X Server 1.0 to see if there is an openstep checkbox. I think there is an NT one, because WO was still supported on NT then.


I'm still using WebObjects 4.5.1 on Win2k / XP

I think it works much better than java only WO 5.*. New features of wo5* can be done by adding frameworks, categories.

I'm also miss WO 3.5 on openstep 4.2 a lot. I like the developer env the best but I don't have the openstep 4.2 user/developer CDs. It seems to me that no one will use it for commercial purposes. So is it ok to get iso from web and have a try for just a fun? I don't know how even I may get the iso images soon.


I found a retail copy of 4.0.1 in my quest to locate dev tools for Rhapsody. I have bought, imaged and uploaded a copy here, given both its age and rarity.