Started by Khashoggi, September 19, 2013, 04:47:45 am

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Problem solved!

Thanks to Andreas providing me with the NeXTSTEP 1.0 "boot" file.

I installed the boot file with diagnostics in my tftpboot directory and netbooted successfully into Diagnostics Version 1.0

I assume it will also work if I modify my SCSI HDD but I won't bother. I usually Netboot my cube for versatility.

Bottom line - Diagnostics 1.0 will not work with NeXTSTEP 3.3's boot file.


Quote from: "andreas_g"When the disk is formated by (for example) builddisk the boot loader is copied from "/usr/standalone/boot" to the disks front, where also things like the disklabel are located.
The boot loader is called during the boot process (blk0 boot). Its job is to load the kernel

andreas, could you be a bit more specific? I think I now have the same problem after restoring gtnicol's MO image. I do have working NeXTstep 1.0a on sd0. I have restored the MO from a .dd image but now it won't boot.

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I'd like to revive this thread.

I cannot get dvt040 to work on my NeXTstation Turbo mono with ROM Rev 3.3 v74. I copied dvt040 to the root directory of the internal HDD and a floppy.

If I boot with "bsd dvt040" respectively "bfd dvt040" it sounds as if dvt040 is read (it also says booting...) but then the machine returns to the ROM prompt.

Any help is appreciated.


AFAIK these diagnostics will only run on non-turbo systems.
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That would explain it because I'm pretty sure I could run it on a non-Turbo.

Are there diagnostics for the Turbos available? Maybe some regular programs one could just run from the Workspace?


Just to confirm: dvt040 runs on a non-Turbo NS. Just format a floppy, copy dvt040 onto it, reboot, ROM monitor, bfd dvt040, boom.  :)


Quote from: "bobo68"Are there diagnostics for the Turbos available?

not that I know of... at least I've never seen/found them in the wild.
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