Former Commercial Software with Free Keys

Started by madcrow, March 12, 2016, 11:35:04 pm

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Almost a decade ago, I started putting together a list of former commercial software that had freely available license keys made available:

When I got interested in NeXT again, I rediscovered this and am thinking of updating it. Presumably, there's been stuff released in the last nine years (and stuff that I missed the first time around). Additionally, the download links all look rather outdated. Can anyone point me at some new information and software to add?


Hi madcrow,
the link you are providing is a well known file for lighthouse apps,
the license are available among all good next ftp site (
My concern as I explained in another thread is to file in all license possible for software which will be soon in public domain. I would be more than happy to gather and get some of these from internauts,
so keyboard on and pm / email me whenever possible.
Cheers and all the best.