Contest for benchmarks on NeXTSTEP vs Openstep 68K hardware

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, August 27, 2016, 03:17:30 am

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: So I would like to answer the age old question does
NeXTSTEP 3.3 actually run faster than Openstep 4.2 on Black Hardware:

So anyone have a set of NeXT tools they use to test this as I would also  like to see the difference from 68030 25Mhz to 68040 25Mhz and of course 33Mhz using various from minimum to maximum ram configurations  ....

Ah yes for your prize I'm am willing to give the lucky winner of this worthwhile endeavor  something cool .

How about
choice of an ADB or Non ADB Keyboard and Mouse set language choices available and yes they will be nice
or a new old stock floppy drive
or new old stock power supply
or a Micro SD PCB Card loaded with your choice you guessed it NeXTSTEP 3.3 or Openstep 4.2 as it would also be fun to see what the optimal configuration is for NeXT hardware
or perhaps a NeXT book or manual you may need.

I've also heard the Mono Turbo's run faster than Color Turbo's feel free to post here specs would also be welcomed for previous verse other emulators and of course native ports of NeXTSTEP or Openstep to Intel, Sparc and HP PA Risc hardware.... I'll have more than one award just thought it would be fun for you all to use your NeXT's . Winners, All you will have to pay is shipping USPS or your choice  .

If you need to buy any of these items I have them for sale reasonably as well just my way of giving back and helping us all keep the NeXT dream alive.

If you have done bench marks in the past excellent  please teach us your  ways oh guru's as we have a lot of new and old members that would have an interest in this and I can run the test's as I have a lot of the hardware needed just need to know which tools,

Another thought is what software do you find useful on NeXTSTEP including your own creation ....  

and also a special prize for the most useful NeXT hardware improvement's this ought to get a few of your wheels turning out there  ...

Of course it will be fun to see how original NeXT software can be used to make a stellar presentation

The winners will be announced on 10/31/2016 Halloween!  

I'll also have a very special grand prize chosen or voted by out NeXT forum peers sound cool. Young and Old (like me) welcome to participate LOL.

Enjoy, thank you for joining and participating in the forum and best regards Rob Blessin

Also if you have suggestions for improving the  forum fell free to pm me .  

:shock: Update  I found these which ought to make it a little easier for me LOL ....
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