How do I copy archive NeXT Software from a Mac so it works?

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, November 16, 2016, 11:14:00 am

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: I
finally have Darkmatter working under previous , yeah, it has been like a right of passage on some holy quest for us mere mortals LOL.

Other than networking , I think I'm close to having that working in previous there has to be a way to do this:

All I'm trying to do is copy the files from
copy this software on my mac either burning it , dd it  or any form of magic  to either a microsd or ideally burned to cd .....

So when I bring it over to the NeXT side it uncompresses and installs with out issues.

I have Darkmatter working in previous so all I'm trying to do is figure out how the heck to do this , is it possible to create an app in previous that would allow us to burn it to cd?   My original DayDream Floppies are kaput with crc errors

I'm guessing there is a way to dd img files to something or create an iso of a folder that NeXT just reads and understands rockridge format 9660 joliet?

I have an I5  Mac Mini with Apple Super Drive and or USB Card Reader tried a USB Floppy but it doesn't seem to handshake and I don't have anyway of using a floppy unless I can get the microsd card to spoof that it is a floppy and dd micro sd img files would the extension be some form of fd variant

I have created a stack of CD coasters trying different things like anytoiso app etc etc

Thank you in advance , I really need to get a NeXT server going drive crashed again as I'm assuming FTP would probably do it .  I'm guessing then if I had previous networking to the web or locally then it would automatically find NeXT boxes via simple network starter .

Thank you for your help.
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Never used Previous, but I know it was derived from Hatari, where I can use floppy IMG files. Is'nt it possible to create an empty floppy image, Format it with fat FS, and Mount that on the Mac?


Networking would have been the easy solution.

On the CD drives/images, what I remember is that NEXTSTEP only understands ISO 9660 Level 1 (without Rock Ridge or Joliet extensions) but I think it only knows how to read from the CD/image.  If you need to transfer Mac/HFS files into Previous, you'd need to put them into some archive format like sit/macbinary before burning them to an ISO/CD.

If your intent is to transfer files out of Previous, then mounting a 1.44/2.88 MB image as a floppy, formatted as FAT, NEXTSTEP (in Previous) can write to the floppy/image.

Or from within Previous, mount another hard disk and format it natively within NEXTSTEP, which will format it with the UFS file system.  There are several Linux tools that can read the UFS file system of a mounted disk image.

Or see if my old Windows utility still works, described here: and available at  Screenshot at  There is a "-g" option in the utility to extract a file from the image.  This utility has not been updated for a long while so YMMV.

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community:
Here is a video explaining what I'm trying to do :

So I now have  Previous surfing the web on my MAC OSX Mini running Sierra ,

 I followed the how to configure networking  file in previous package and it worked amazing....

Here it is the magic previous Networking FAQ for those looking for it :

WARNING: Do not start NeXTstep 1.0a and earlier with Ethernet
        enabled, unless you configured it using the following
        procedure. There is a bug causing file system corruption
        on 1.x and 0.x hangs in the boot process. The bugs are
        possibly in NeXTstep itself.

Howto: Setup networking on NeXTstep 0.8 and 0.9:
  FIXME: No procedure yet.

Howto: Setup networking on NeXTstep 1.0 through 2.2:

1. On first boot you might be dropped to the single user
  mode console. Just type "exit" to continue booting.

2. Open "/etc/resolv.conf" and add "nameserver".
  If this file does not exist, you have to first create it.
  Be sure you create a plain text file. If you use
  you can do this by selecting Format > Text > Make ASCII.
  You can save the file from the save dialog by typing
  "/etc/resolv.conf" to the name field.

3. Open (you find it in NextAdmin directory),
  select "Local..." and configure with these values:
  a  Set "Network type" to "Non-NetInfo Network"
  b  For "NIS Domain Name" (2.x) or "Yellow Pages Domain Name"
     (0.x, 1.x) select "None"
  c  Choose a hostname (select whatever you want)
  d  Set "Address" to ""
  e  Set "Router" to ""
  f  Set "Broadcast Address to ""
  g  Set "Netmask" to ""
  h  Hit "OK" and confirm all messages. It will reboot. Done.

Howto: Setup networking on NeXTstep 3.0 and later:

1. Use Simple Network Starter (you find it in the NextAdmin directory)
  and set up some values:
  a  Check "Provide the services specified below."
  b  Choose a hostname (whatever you want).
  c  Set IP address to "".
  d  Go to "Network Options..." and set
     Router to ""
     Broadcast Address to ""
     Netmask to "" and
     NIS Domain Name to "None".
  e  Hit configure. You will be prompted to connect the Ethernet
  f  If not already done, connect emulated Ethernet now using
     Previous' GUI and hit OK.

2. Using root access rights open and edit these files:
  a  /etc/hostconfig and replace "-ROUTER-" with "".
  b  /etc/resolv.conf and add "nameserver".
     If this file does not exist, you have to first create it.
     Be sure you create a plain text file. If you use
     you can do this by selecting Format > Text > Make ASCII.

  Howto: Open the above files using root privileges (NeXTstep 3.3):
  a  Open the /etc directory with this command in Terminal:
     "open /etc"
  b  Select the file/application to open and from Workspace select
     Services > Open Sesame > Open As Root.
  c  For making a new resolv.conf open the same way (b)
     and in the save dialog type as name "/etc/resolv.conf"

3. Reboot.
So now we are all surfing in Previous in OS of your choice ,

1) How do I simply move a NeXTSTEP file from previous to MAC OSX , any directory i both are on the same MAC MINI .  I understand the concept of ISO's and Boot Floppies so can I reverse this create a file in NeXT and go into the Previous drive directory we configured for hard drives, cdrom drives and floppy drives on Mac and is it as simple as changing the file extension. AS we have a very little documentation this will be useful to the growing NeXT forum.  

2) How would  I set up a network from Previous in MAC OSX to an original NeXT box and transfer files back and forth ?   I know a lot of you are doing this please share your secrets with all of us newbies oh guru's !

3) I've put a lot of thought into this Ideally I configure a lot and I mean a lot of NeXT Systems for people , I would like to help  them configure these good old NeXT's to use a cable modem.
We have this FAQ
, so in theory if I had a master MicroSD codesrc drive set to boot from scsi ID 0 running Openstep 4.2 , if I had a dedicated NeXT server set to automatically add clients that would make my life so much easier .

I boot  up the current NeXT box I'm working on  be it a Cube or a Slab , what would be the easiest way to do this have a dedicated NeXT server for this or do it system by system

My thought is Previous on MAC OSX as my server , I set it up to automatically add clients to the network , set up the NeXT I'm currently working on in simple network starter  as a client it sees previous and is added to the network,

I have  Master SD NeXTSTEP and Openstep images I'm thinking I should be able to add a cable modem configuration  set up on an additional master the I can clone or DD that iso image  will it automatically adjust for the difference in the ethernet address between motherboards?

Apologies for sounding stupid with networking I admit am LOL but I figure never to old to learn .

Proof is I can surf the world and download from this very archive now on Previous ,  so in theory I should be able to simply drop a file from Previous to MAC OSX.  Is there a way to ftp it from Previous to Mac OSX

How can I see anything in Previous from my Mac or vice versa ?

How do I create I create a UFS shared folder in Previous where it is usable by MAC OSX ,

Ideally I' would like to just drop documents into  the folder so I can see them on the Mac Side .  
Perhaps this is already done when I drop something into the floppy , I've configured a 2.88 floppy and dropped into the virtual floppy  , how do I see and copy the contents of the virtual floppy onto the MAC Side then dd it in a format that is readable by NeXT , so the 1.44 dos formatted floppy would be easiest?
The Microsd is on the codesrc

When I untar the DayDream Package onto a NeXT Box it has .img extension how to I change this so it works on a NeXT box?  can I copy the Darkmatter zip file to sd  and have it readable on a NeXT  or  burn it to cd , I unzip it and it has an IBM .zip package with in how do I unzip these on NeXT ?

Thank you for your time.
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I think you may be over complicating this. NeXTStep has an FTP server running by default. Just connect from the mac using any FTP client and transfer the files back and forth that way. Make sure you set the transfer type to binary.

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Quote from: "barcher174"I think you may be over complicating this. NeXTStep has an FTP server running by default. Just connect from the mac using any FTP client and transfer the files back and forth that way. Make sure you set the transfer type to binary.

If I want to ftp a file from NeXTSTEP  Previous on  to the same computer Mac Mini  running Sierra ,
Would it be difficult to write a drag and drop app for Previous? so we would be able to drag and drop files in and out of previous running different versions of NeXTSTEP / Openstep  into MAC OSX vice versa ,

I'm trying to break files out of NeXTSTEP in previous the easiest way possible ... then copy those files to sd and load them onto a NeXT computer :)  

I can download them into previous from Omniweb
Rob Blessin President computerpowwow ebay
303-741-9998 Serving the NeXT Community  since 2/9/93


For transfers within the same Mac Mini, try  Within OS X, you can mount the hard disk image that is being used by Previous and read files out of it.  I'd be cautious in putting files (i.e., the other direction) to the hard disk image.

From what I remember about the network implementation in Previous, the guest system cannot be a server; it can only be a client.  That is, the connection has to be initiated from within Previous, unless you tinker around with some form of port-forwarding within OS X.  Nevertheless, you should be able to have an FTP server running on your real cube and have an FTP client within Previous to transfer files back and forth.


Maybe today outdated, but i put all the Software in a drawer called NeXT and create an ISO with:
mkisofs -R -iso-level 4 -hide-joliet-trans-tbl -hide-rr-moved -V NeXTstuff -o NeXTstuff.iso NeXT/
The ISO can be mounted or burned and than transfered to the NeXT and is also a good archive.