Compiled and packaged `uname'

Started by verdraith, October 20, 2015, 02:57:14 am

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A few years ago, I posted the source code for a port of `uname' for NeXT.  As I was toying with building packages, I thought I would build a package with a quad-fat binary and make it available along with the source code.

The package can be downloaded at:

I have tested it with NS3.3 m68k (thanks, Previous), NS3.3 Intel, and OS 4.2 Intel.

Thanks to Previous, I found I could back-port it to NS2.x too -- if anyone is interested, I can provide binaries :)

p.s. there's a few other 'missing' BSD utilities in that directory -- cut, and printf -- as well as a port of the md5sum utility.
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Lisp Hacker


Thanks for making these! Once I get my Pyro installed I'll give them a try on my Cube.


I would love to have NS2.x binaries. :)
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