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Started by JohnK801, July 15, 2017, 12:14:53 pm

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I am new to this forum and recently bought a NeXT cube.

Back in the 1980s, I was a "tinkerer" not an EE (BS Chemistry & MBA from UC Berkeley). I worked in the school computer store  when the Mac was introduced in 1984. You members know far more about this than I do.

I am big into modifying old PCs so they are usable in today's environment.

My thinking is- in college in the 80s there was always something new and cool and fast coming out. Now, a computer is like a toaster- for $300 any bozo can buy a Surface and be done with it. Things are just no fun anymore and, more to the point, they don't really DO much new stuff anyway. I want to use the NeXT to get back to that.  

The last one I did  was a Toshiba T5200 - took out the 386 chip and put in a Cyrix 486 (same pin out as the 386) removed the HD and upgraded it. Upgraded the RAM and it runs my DOS legacy programs very well. Plus I LOVE gas plasma screens. They just "do it " for me.

My goal with the NeXT is to add a board with a series of parallel processors Itanium 2.66 or Xeon 4.2 and recode he software to address all of the parallel processors.

This is REALLY speeding it up. A 40MHZ Nitro just will not cut it for me. With the power of a lot of parallell processors and the ability of NeXT to run RISC, Sparc, Unix, even Intel the sky is the limit for home power. I will cater to the ultimate home enthusiast.

The result will not be cheap but in 1988 a Compaq 386 clone was $6,500, about 3X that in today's dollars so I am not concerned about price.

I am already working on all of this.

I hope to learn from you members going forward with this project.

PS- does anyone have a copy of Wolfenstein 3D that will run on the NeXT? It . along with Zork were the only games I ever liked.I heard wolf was developed on the NeXt.

Thanks, I may be crazy for trying this- please try to indulge me :)

John K.

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello John: It is fun doing business with you. As far as your proposed hyperspace board , whoa . Looking forward to seeing it.
Your probably going to need a breadboard ,  nbic chip  and a lot of programming if whammy. Best regards Rob I think Wolfenstein manuals we're done on frame-maker and Doom should be loaded on that microsd card, I don't think the application Wolfenstein 3-D was ever forwarded to the next operating system.
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Ever play the Zork Trilogy? The only other game I liked

I think both that and Wolf 3D would work on Soft PC.

CHIP COOLING: We are experimenting with how to cool 80 Itanium 2.66s. The original idea was to move the heat sinks and power supply to a second cube  with a small fan & vents and move that away from the main cube to wherever you want. To control noise and not electrically heat your house.

NEW IDEA: We have determined that if we use green glass circuit boards, we can actually submerge the chip cards in mineral oil, encase that in something that would fit in a NeXT slot. Then have a second "thin fish tank" of mineral oil in an adjacent slot and slowly pump the warmed mineral oil from the chip slot to the fish tank slot to cool it and then pump the cooled oil back into the Itanium card slot. Mineral oil has a high heat capacity so that adds to it.

We have tried this on the bench and liquid cooling works very well. You would have to really seal the liquids- you do not want leaks- but it gets rid of fans, second cubes and heat sinks. Very elegant!

So these are ideas we are playing with.EVERYTHING is still up in the air.  We STILL need some killer app to use all those extra chips for.