I wanted to create a device driver for OPENSTEP quite a long

Started by onionmixer, October 11, 2017, 04:43:00 pm

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I wanted to create a device driver for OPENSTEP quite a long time ago.

Because my OPENSTEP machine has only two PCI slots, I already have an Intel E100 network card and an MGA G450 PCI.

I am looking forward to using the SB16PCI card instead of the Intel E100 network if I can create an Intel E1000 Network Device Driver onboard. This is because at least Intel E1000 Network Device Driver will be easier than implementing AC97 Codec.

I had been programming too long and had never done a device driver before, so I had no idea where to start. But thanks to the NE2k for NeXTSTEP Driver, I was able to get the courage. So we chose to translate the documentation of NeXTSTEP DriverKit into its first task.


I thought it would be useless for most users here because it is in Korean, but I wanted to tell you that some Korean users are still interested.

I am always grateful to all of you who have kept the community steadily.


Drivers can be monumental, especially how they are wrapped up in themselves.

be sure to check out the Darwin code.


I need to upload my stuff I guess to something more public, or make the CVS more publicly browsable.... but yeah check out Darwin for some examples of drivers, or at least to see the magic of driverkit.
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