Cursor and spinning disk

Started by galgot, November 28, 2017, 11:29:21 am

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Anyone know where on an OPENSTEP system are stored the cursor image and the spinning wheel (disk) images ? I'm looking to grab them to customize a GNUstep install.


Try looking in /NextLibrary.  I know I've seen them before and have extracted them before.  I wanted to use them in Mac OS X after Apple switched to the lollipop, but was never able to figure out how to do it.
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Thanks, the closest I can find is in /NextLibrary/Frameworks/AppKitframework/Resources/
There is a color wheel there, but it's not the one of the main system, think it's the one of the color picker. And there is no cursor...
Anyway, remember now I had saved some from a Rhapsody system which include the spinning disk and cursors.


btw, just found something cool.
To have a custom icon to specific folder in GNUstep, it's the same as in OPENSTEP, place your custom folder icon named .dir.tiff in the folder ...