WTB: NeXT Cube monitor cable

Started by Defectx11, March 25, 2018, 09:44:12 pm

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Looking to buy the long Cube monitor cable. Unfortunately I've only got the short one that came with my slabs, and I'd really like to not struggle to get everything hooked up.

Located in Vancouver, Canada.
Can pay, but I also have some hardware that I can trade for it, which I'd prefer.


Have you inquired with The Hackery?
They are down at 304 Victoria.

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


My cube is over there right now. Jax is admiring the NeXTDimension board, and helping me get 3.3 installed and running. He's got at least one cable, but isn't willing to give them up. Can't blame him either.


Rob Blessin should still have some. I bought one off him a few years ago.

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community:  I have 6 footer that has a loose connection at one end probably repairable, it does work for $45 but if you move stuff around it clicks on and off , it came to me that way .....
and I have more than 1 , 6 footer in excellent condition for $69 it is non adb and an uber rare ADB/ non adb 6 footer for $79  also if you want to make one I do sell the DB 19 connectors with shrouds for $12.95 each . I know I have 1 new old stock one for $99 in original NeXT Cable box! Shipping is $8

I think the pricing is fair..... I also have the shorter 18" NeXT Mono Cables for $35

Want Custom Cables to use a sound box with a flat panel yes we have those as well  $69.95 for monitor cables Monostation DB19 to DB 19 to VGA and cubes and $75 for monitor cables for Color Stations DB19 to DB19 to VGA dual adb and non adb compatible.

NeXT NON ADB Mouse Repair Cable $9.95

a lot of stuff is on our computerpowwow eBay store although going direct I can save you because it saves me eBay fees.

And as NeXT Computer.org forum members mention you saw this post I'll give you 10% off.

I send paypal line item invoices to make payment easy.

Best regards Rob Blessin
Rob Blessin President computerpowwow ebay  sales@blackholeinc.com http://www.blackholeinc.com
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Cable has been found, thank you!