Reformatting a corrupt MO Disk

Started by nekonoko, May 18, 2018, 06:18:03 pm

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I have a single problem MO disk out of 10 currently in my collection that will cause my NeXT Cube to kernel panic if I attempt to mount it, either before NeXTStep boots or from the desktop.

A couple years ago I had a disk that had a similar problem but I was able to reformat it, though I can't recall exactly how I pulled it off. It's been fine ever since. Has anyone had any experience with resurrecting a MO disk that behaves like this ?


before inserting the disk do the following from the command line:

fsck /dev/rod0a

The system will then ask you to insert the disk.


Perfect! It failed with a disk label error, but the disk was in the drive at that point so it was easy to re-initialize it from the command line. Now the disk mounts correctly.

Thanks much!