SCSI2SD new version 5.1 Card now working on NeXT Turbo Color

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, August 15, 2018, 09:31:07 pm

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: I'm happy to report in beta testing I have the new version 5.1 SCSI 2 SD card bios rev 4.8  working on NeXT Hardware . Does snoopy dances , I think I may have popped her cherry on NeXT hardware lol
all I know much less of a pain in the ass than the Version 6 card as my existing config with a few tweaks works from the earlier 5 cards also my MicroSD starts right up ,

I had a scsi selection error initially but bsd -s works from a NeXT prompt so it may be some tweaking of the configuration also booted off the scsi cable.

He has added more scsi options in the firmware 4.8 update over 4.71 and earlier .

I will have all 3 available for sale preconfigured and ready to go ,

once I sell out of my remaining 5's and 6's I'll transition everything to 5.1 if it proves stable .  

I want to test boot everything also try to bench mark .

Also I know a lot of you have bought version 5 cards from me so I will have a trade the version 5 to trade up to 5.1 program .  

Let me make sure it is stable only minutes in lol and I'll make a video.

Software pops up quickly feels more comparable
in speed with a hard drive !

SCSI2SD V5.1    This is a new version, intended to replace V5. At present it has only had limited testing on older hardware.

This version provides a much faster startup time than V5 or V6, which is needed to boot some Amiga and Staubli machines

SCSI2SD V5    This is the older stable version, with the widest compatibility. It works well with both SCSI1 and SCSI2 systems.

SCSI2SD V6    This board offers better performance, but is more expensive.

   It may not work properly in SCSI1 systems, including any system using DB25 cabling or passive terminators.
   It requires more power than the V5 board and may not be stable using the scsi cable terminator power alone.
See SCSI2SD V6 Compatibility  , we have another thread going on version 6 as well.
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Thanks for the report.

I'm thinking I might need to upgrade my NeXTs and compact Macs with SCSI2SD...
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>  Also I know a lot of you have bought version 5 cards from me so I will have a trade the version 5 to trade up to 5.1 program .

Would you be willing to share the XML config that you got working with the v5 cards? I'm having problems trying to get my v5 card to boot a Turbo system (OS installs fine on the SD card after booting off CD, but then wont boot of SCSI2SD card afterwards). Thnx.