040 Cube / CERN HHTP / shutdown problem / 10 or 100 MBps

Started by Jenne, June 25, 2007, 06:45:08 am

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I've been playing around a bit with that ancient CERN HTTP server on my cube and nearly everything seems to work. Only problem I have (and to which I didn't find any solution to) is that the Cube won't shut down, to be more exact: after choosing the corresponding command the cube begins to shut down but gets stuck somewhere within a grey blank screen. The ethernet port at the switch shows no sign of activity. Although I hate pulling the power chord it is the only way to shut it down then.

Any idea?

Another topics points at the ethernet switch. Two of my old Macs don't get along very well with the switch's ability to automatically choose the right MBps for them, so I got myself a hub limited to 10 MBps and everything is ok now. Could this somehow be necessary for NeXT machines, too? It sometimes takes quite a lot of time to get them online...

Thanks once more!



The switch probably isn't the issue - I have three NeXTs plugged into a Netgear gigabit switch and it works right - but you might try sticking in a 10Mbit hub to see if it helps.

As for the shutdown issue, it's probably the HTTP server not dying correctly. If it's a standard UNIX-style service, you can almost certainly write a custom script that's something like this:

ps -aux | grep httpd | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9

(tested it on Linux... I don't have a NeXT in front of me right now to make sure I used the right ps invocation, or to make sure xargs is there.)

Without xargs, you might try:

kill -9 `ps -aux | grep httpd| awk '{print $2}'`
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The Hub indeed isn't the problem, the switching of my Netgear works as expected. Took my about 1 hour to find out that one.
But I still don't get along with that server shut down. It does not seem to be the server process that can not be killed but I did not find out what is messing up my cube until now. Maybe I'm trying another server project...
But thanks a lot, anyway!