Ahem, unaccustomed as I am to public speaking....

Started by CH, February 07, 2006, 10:16:05 pm

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Sorry about the grand title, just thought I'd say hello. New to the forum. By way of an introduction, I'm glad to say I'm the proud owner of a 030 Cube which I bought on Ebay for £100 but with a dead OD and no HD or software (boy was it frustrating, but I got to know the ROM monitor pretty well ! ).  With a bit of research, and several months of trawling Ebay, I got an HD with NS3, then 64MB of memory a SCSI CD drive and then a CD of NS3.3
Now I plan to get some representative apps on it, so I am really pleased to see links here to all sorts of interesting things.

My next post may be a while away as the Cube is taken apart in the loft while we sell the house, but I will be back asking how to get stuff working (my Unix/BSD skills is a bit basic)

Congratulations to those who put the effort in to this site - hope we can get an active community that we can all benefit from.