The worlds largest microchip!

Started by grendel, October 30, 2007, 04:32:19 am

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I snagged an external housing for a K-series HP 9000 machine.  It's been modded to look like a NeXT... painted charcoal, and tagged with the icon (homemade, scaled up).

I also have a 712 Gekko, although I haven't powered it up yet.  And several HP peripherals in the same style.  

Anybody have some creative input?  What uber-cool nonsense could be let loose here?


Have any pics of the k-series case? :) sounds interesting


I'd like to see a few pics also.  :D   BTW, the Gecko does make a really nice "NeXT" system.  I've never been a fan of x86 hardware.  If I had a copy of OPENSTEP 4.2 for my Gecko, I'd probably never use an x86 system.  Since I've had my Gecko, it's been a rock solid system.  The Sparc 5 I use as my Web Server runs OPENSTEP 4.2 and it's been running non-stop for several years now.  It's a nice box as well.  The only thing that sucks about it compared to the Gecko is the mouse trails on the screen when running in 24-Bit video.  When you run it in 8-bit color mode/8-bit B&W, it don't do it.