NeXT Computer Print Signed by Paul Rand

Started by NeXTnewbe, December 03, 2007, 09:28:04 pm

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HA! $95 shipping! Try $5 maybe...of course there is the frame...but $95?  Someone is trying to keep to make up for eBay costs. Another problem, their is not proof of authenticity.
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People were shocked at the $100K fee to design the logo at the time.  Now 1% for just a signed print?


Quote from: "NeXTnewbe"I thing this is really rare and unique and expensive as well

The seller is either perpetrating a fraud - or they actually think that the poster was actually 'signed' by Paul Rand [personally].

It's NOT! [even though it appears to be 'real']

The 'signature' was printed on.


The print also has blotchy discoloration on the "N" and the "T". The guy probably went cheap on the framing instead of spending the money to get AF backing and UV glass. That doesn't even consider the fact that there really should be at least one mat on it, and that mat should be rag board at a minimum. This would be what any respectable framer would have recommended for a signed piece, even in the late 80's.